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Creek Collection is now available in Natural Rainforest Marbles

Adagio Water Features announces that the Reflection Creek and Whispering Creek are being offered in Green and Brown Marble.

Adagio reports the sales of water features offering Natural Whispering Creek in Stainless Steel and Brown MabrleRainforest Marble water surfaces has steadily increased over the last 18 months. Justin Combs, General Manager of Adagio, reports that dealers and customers are constantly asking for marble options on more water feature models. Consequently, effective January 1, 2016 the popular Rainforest Green and Brown Marble, all natural, solid stones will be offered on the Reflection Creek and Whispering Creek models.

The Creek Collection consists of the Reflection Creek, a horizontal water feature measuring 38” wide by 27” tall and Whispering Creek, a slender 22”wide by 46” tall vertical water feature.  Both features currently offer water surfaces in 7 different colors of Natural Slate, Featherstone and Mirror. These features are available in various metal trim options making them versatile to fit any home and/or business decor! Adding the marble water surface to these features will expand their versatility.

The appeal of the Rainforest Marbles is that they are natural, so the coloration, texture and veins will vary from one to the next making each stone unique. The Natural Green Marble has colorsReflection Creek in Antique Bronze ranging from light greens, pale greens and dark greens. Some even have pale tans and white veins running through them. These marble stones bring an aesthetic complement to the water features and the soothing sounds of water in motion. 

The Brown Marbles have rich colors of auburns, browns, beige and white. The veins can be more prominent in some stones than others. Because they are real slabs of marble, these surfaces weigh more than the other water surfaces offered. Adagio also offers an upgrade option called Stone Selection, which gives the customer the ability to specifically select the marble that will be placed in the water feature. With the stone selection option the customer will receive 5 variations of the color of marble they want in their fountain.

These reasons and options are what made Justin consider expanding the Creek Collection water surfaces to two more choices. “We have had many requests for the Whispering and Reflection to be offered in the green and brown marbles. So instead of charging customers what would be considered a custom fountain by adding these features, Adagio decided to offer them as upgraded stones like our other features that come in marble.”, says the general manager. He knew buyers would appreciate the fountains many semi-customizable features, so he made the decision to release them.