Troubleshooting Videos

Please click on the below videos to find trouble shooting tips:


Splashing: How to avoid or eliminate splashing


Water Flow: How to get your water to flow evenly


Replacing the Pump: How to replace the pump


Preparing the Glass: How to get your water to flow


Filling and Water Types: How to fill your fountain


Cleaning: How to clean your fountain


Leaky Tray: How to test and determine if your tray is leaking


Electrical System: How to use your light bar



Please click on any of the following videos to view our water features in operation:



Sunrise Springs Model (Video 1)       Sunrise Prings Model (Video 2)

Sunrise Springs Model (Video 3)       Deep Creek Falls Model (Video 1)

Deep Creek Falls Model (Video 2)     Deep creek Falls Model (Video 3)

Deep Creek Falls Model (Video 4)     Reflection Creek Model (Video 1)

Reflection Creek Model (Video 2)      Reflection Creek Model (Video 3)

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