Inspiration Falls Water Fountain
Olympus Falls Water Feature
Harmony River Water Fountain
Tranquil River Water Fountain
Sunrise Springs Water Feature
Serene Waters Waterfall
Cottonwood Falls Water Feature
  • High Quality
  • Hand-Crafted
  • Powder Coated
  • Various Metal Finishes
  • Multiple Stone Options
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty

Since 2001 Adagio Water Features has proudly produced high quality, handcrafted American-made water fountains to bring peace and tranquility into thousands of homes and businesses. Whether it is an indoor wall-mounted water feature or an outdoor free standing waterfall, be assured that every portion of the production process is done with the utmost care and concern. Our unsurpassed quality, professionalism and customer service is a result of our passion for Water Fountains. We are not satisfied until the customer is satisfied.