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Floor Water Features are growing in Popularity

Harmony RiverAdagio reports a dramatic 78% increase in free standing water feature sales from 3rd quarter in 2014 to 3rd quarter 2015. As indoor water features increase in popularity, many people are looking for ways to add the tranquility they bring without the restrictions of hanging them on a wall. A freestanding water fountain is the perfect solution. These floor water fountains can be moved from one location to another without leaving any sign at the previous location. It is easy to rearrange a room with a freestanding water fountain.

All freestanding water features by Adagio are self-contained. There is no need to run a water line or drain to the location. All that is needed is a standard 110V outlet for power. The base is designed to allow the power cord to come out of either the back left or back right corner at the bottom of the base. This makes it simple to hide the cord from view. A radio wave remote control turns the water feature on and off with the click of a button. All of the free standings have minimal installation required, so they can be easily set up in its location.

The Harmony River sales have increased 46%; these features are best placed in smaller spaces since it measures at 31 inches wide and 70 inches tall. The Tranquil River is more notable at 41 inches wide and 90 inches tall and great for most locations, they have had an impressive 192% increase.  The Grandeur River is most eye catching feature measuring at 60 inches wide and 96 inches tall. The Grandeurs popularity has grown 86%. The total increase of combined free standing features is 78%!

With the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere an indoor water feature brings, it is no wonder why free standing water features are growing in popularity. Clear, blue, and green glass water features make good room dividers while giving the area an open feeling. This is a common use in restaurants, spas, and salons to separate different sections. Many corporations and offices add their business logo to their water feature in an entryway or lobby. This is a sign that no one will miss and makes a lasting impression.