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Lives Are Honored with Personalized Water Features

Memorial Water FountainWhen someone has made a great contribution to society or had a positive effect on the lives of many people, society wants to remember and honor them with a memorial. There are statues of past Presidents, monuments that honor battle victories, memorials for fallen soldiers, and many other ways the service and lives of those who have had a great impact on our country are recognized.  

While these recognitions are important and there are many who have dedicated their lives to help our nation, there are people who have an important influence in personal lives that aren’t as widely known or famous. It can be a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, neighbor, religions leader, or friend that has influenced life for the better. Private memorials are becoming more common as individuals want to recognize and honor those who have made an impact on them.

A new way to recognize loved ones is with an indoor water fountain. They can be a personal and intimate way to acknowledge the difference a loved one has made and always remember them. It is simple to add a quote, picture, or favorite scripture to the water surface of an indoor wall fountain. This personalization can make the memory of those who have passed on remain alive. The sound of the flowing water helps calm trouble hearts and bring peace in times of difficulty. Having a moving monument can encourage those who see it to keep moving forward with their lives and remember that loved ones are never truly gone from the hearts of those who cherish them.

While trying to cope with the difficulty of losing a loved one, many people hold funerals and candlelight vigils, share memories with others, and go through old photos. These are important steps that help to learn to deal with the grief and emotions that arise with the passing of a life. But these steps are not long term and will come to an end. Many people are now finding a water fountain memorial will help bring comfort long after the healing process has begun.