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5 Decorating Ideas to Promote Relaxation at Home

Harmony River Water FountainCreating a peaceful and relaxing environment at home is a goal for most families. “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” – Jane Austin. The following ideas are simple ways to make a home more inviting and create the tranquil feeling everyone desires.

1 – Create a feel-good focal point in your entryway – Prevention magazine suggests the first that is seen when walking into a home should be something beautiful that is loved. This could be a piece of art, flowers, or an indoor water fountain.  If the first impression when entering a home is positive, it is easier to relax.

2 – Add a fireplace – The idea of cuddling up in front of a cozy fire brings warm and peaceful feelings to all who see one. Making a fireplace the focal point of a room can promote that relaxing feeling, according to Country Living Magazine. Decorate around the fireplace to draw the attention of those who enter the room. This will enhance the comforting feeling in the room.

3 - Create soothing sounds – Relaxing sounds make a peaceful environment and a feeling of comfort. Retail stores understand the benefits of soft sounds and often use music to promote a relaxing atmosphere for their customers. At home, music can be used as well as other white noises. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine says, “The hands-down winner of calming sounds is running water.” They suggest having an indoor water fountain a home is the best way to allow “your mind to float away for a few precious moments”.

4 – Scent the home – One of our most powerful senses is smell. When someone smells something familiar, all memories associated with that scent can come flooding back. Oprah Winfrey suggests having a unique scent in a home. Instant memories of peace and happiness will come just by walking in the door and breathing in the aroma. 

5 – Bring nature indoors – Using natural materials in decorating can promote a relaxing outdoor feeling. Solid wood, stones, and metals not only encourage simplicity, but help remove the overpowering role modernization has in life. Some suggestions are to decorate with live plants and flowers help bring in a breath of fresh air, using solid wood furniture to create a rustic cabin feeling, add a wall water fountain made with natural metals and slates as a moving, flowing piece of art. Decorating with natural materials is one of the best ways to bring the peace nature offers into a home.