Wall Water Fountains


Serene Waters, Textured Black, Green FeatherStone Slate

Serene Waters, Textured Black Trim, Green FeatherStone

MSRP $499

Sale Price $399

Whispering Creek, Square, Copper Vein, Green Slate

Whispering Creek, Square Copper Vein Trim, Green Slate

MSRP $1,199

Sale Price $899

 Cascade Springs, Square, Stainless Steel, Silver Mirror

Cascade Springs, Square Stainless Steel Trim, Silver Mirror

 MSRP $1,599

Sale Price $1,449

 Sunrise Springs, Round, Rustic Copper, Magnifico Travertine

Sunrise Springs, Round Rustic Copper Trim, Magnifico Travertine

MSRP $2,199

Sale Price $1,999

 Inspiration Falls, Square, Blackened Copper, Rainforest Green Marble

Inspiration Falls, Square Blackened Copper Trim, Rainforest Green Marble

MSRP $2,199

Sale Price $1,999

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Freestanding Water Features

Freestanding Water Fountains

Custom Water Features

Custom Water Features

 Business Logo Water Features

Business Logo Water Features

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Why Buy an Adagio Water Feature?


  • Made in the USA 
  • Double-tested plastic liner prevents leaks
  • Water distribution unit won't clog
  • Durable powder coat finishes
  • 1 year limited warranty
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Authroize.net certified


  • Add a logo or other artwork
  • Choose your own stone
  • Custom sizes and styles available


  • Up to 11 water surface options
  • Up to 6 metal trim choices
  • Many sizes and styles available
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Ease of Use

  • Simple set-up with EZ install bracket
  • Fully contained
  • Quick shipments
  • Fast customer service reponses


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Where to use an Indoor Wall Water Fountain?


Indoor wall waterfalls bring beauty into any room. They vary in size from 21” x 36” to 120” x 69”. With so many size options, it is simple to find the perfect one for your space. The following are a few suggestions of places a wall water feature can be placed.
  • Entryway – Greet guests, clients, or friends with the soothing sounds from an indoor waterfall. By placing a water fountain in the entryway, a peaceful atmosphere is set from the moment anyone walks into your home or business.
  • Behind a Reception Desk – Horizontal wall fountains are perfect for placing on the wall behind the desk where clients and guests check in. They help welcome everyone from the beginning of their visit.
  • Doctor and Dentist Offices – It is becoming very popular to have a wall water fountain in a doctor or dentist office. They help keep the patients calm and relaxed during what could be a difficult experience for them.
  • Spas and Nail Salons – Help clients relax while they are receiving treatments with the soothing sound of running water. A wall waterfall adds to the ambiance in salons and spas making guests have an even better experience.
  • Family Rooms and Dens – Come home from work and relax in your den or family room with the peaceful sounds of running water. The negative ions they produce will help melt the stress of the day away and start you evening off right.


Why Buy an Indoor Water Fountain?


There are many reasons people want to have their own water fountain. These reasons range from health benefits, calming effects, natural beauty, and more. If the following information doesn’t answer your questions, please feel free to call us or use the chat button on this page.

Health Benefits of an Indoor Water Fountain


Natural Beauty


Why purchase an Adagio Water Feature from Us?


As the manufacturer of Adagio Water Features, we want you to have the highest quality wall water fountain and the best buying experience possible. We recognize that every room has its own personality and style. Finding the perfect wall waterfall to match your style is very important. That is why we offer so many sizes and variations in color.



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