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New Production Equipment at Adagio Water Features

Adagio Water Features currently offer a variety of Natural Slates and Marbles in many different sizes, including Green and Multicolor (Raja) Slates, Green and Brown Rainforest Marbles, Black Spider Marble and Magnifico Travertine. With the water feature industry growing, Adagio is continuously expanding the water feature styles they offer along with metal trims and water surface options. Recently they expanded their Rainforest Marbles to be offered in the Reflection and Whispering Creek Collections.

The new production equipment consists of a Bridge Saw with a rotating table. This will make it possible for Adagio to acquire unique slabs of stone from various countries (including Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, Italy, Spain and Pakistan) and easily cut their own stones to custom sizes. The saw will open up some amazing possibilities for Adagio’s new Tailor-Made Water Features line as well. This Bridge Saw provides the opportunity to offer a greater variety of types of stones that were previously not an option.  These new stones will include types such as onyx, granite, slate, marble and others. The new varieties will also increase the inventory and options of the Stone Selection upgrade that Adagio Water Features offers. Stone Selection allows the customer to select on-line the actual water surface of Featherstone, Slate, Travertine or Marble that will be used in their water feature. The addition of many new stone types will make this a designer’s heaven. 

Another piece of equipment is a Jib Crane. The Jib Crane will assist production in moving the large slabs of stone safely and more efficiently through the cutting and production process. This will aid in a faster production time of the fountains for the end users. Adagio’s General Manager, Justin Combs, knew that not only would this help with the overall efficiency of the company, but more importantly the customers and designers that would be purchasing the water features. These reasons and careful consideration are what made Justin move forward with the purchase of the new equipment. Adagio looks forward to the opportunities that the equipment will bring them as a company but mostly to what it will bring their customers and clients.