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Top Adagio Water Features of 2015

Adagio Water Features, the leader in Natural Stone wall mounted water features, Top adagio Water Features of 2015announces their 3 most popular features of 2015. Adagio offers 22 different waters features, 8 different metal trim finishes and 14 water surfaces in various colors along with surface materials. All features have the Stone Selection option, allowing customers to select the exact stone used in the fountain. These features are considered semi-customizable making them an Interior Designer’s dream.

#1 - Serene Waters Wall Fountain. The Serene is the most popular feature 2 years in a row. It is Adagio’s smallest indoor water feature measuring at 21” wide by 36” tall and 6” deep. Due to its size, this vertical water feature is offered in Featherstone and Mirror water surfaces making it a super lightweight feature. Its hanging weight is between 20-30 lbs. depending on the surface material. Adagio Water Features recently expanded the Waters Collections metal trim options to include the trending Rustic Copper and Stainless Steel, only increasing the popularity of this fully framed feature. Other metal trims offered are Antique Bronze, Textured Black, Copper Vein, Silver Metallic and Woodland Brown.

#2- Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain. This crowd favorite is 52” wide by 35” tall and 6” deep. The Sunrise Springs model along with all other Adagio Features, are Made in America. Choose from round or squared edges to go with the 3 metal trim finishes offered. The 11 Sunrise water surfaces include the following: Natural Slate, Featherstone, Rainforest Marble, Travertine and Mirror to match any decor. It is no wonder why this made the top features of 2015 and moved up to 2nd place from being in 3rd last year. This favored feature is often purchased with a business logo or personalized engraving due to its mid-sized horizontal water surfaces.

#3 - Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain. Adagio’s 3rd top selling feature of 2015 is the Inspiration Falls. It’s larger, yet slender size of 30” wide by 69” tall, has been a favorite for lobbies, waiting rooms and dining areas.  Just like the Sunrise, it has the most surface options with color variety to select from compared to most other fountains. Adagio feels this wall mounted feature’s popularity will only continue to grow in the future. This was the 1st model produced by Adagio in 2001.