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How to Clean Your Indoor Wall Water Fountain

Cottonwood Fall Water Fountain

The magnificence of an indoor water fountain is something everyone can appreciate. The soothing sounds have a calming effect while the running water can be mesmerizing. No one wants to ruin this beauty with algae or mineral deposits. The following are simple steps that we have found to help keep an indoor wall water fountain clean and running smoothly for all to enjoy.

1 – Use distilled water. This is different than osmosis water or soft water. The process of distilling water removes the minerals and impurities from the water so they cannot collect as readily in a water fountain tray or water surface. Distilled water can either be purchased at the store, or can be distilled at the home or office with a water distiller. These are easy to use and can be purchased on our website, just add tap water to the top and four hours later you have a gallon of distilled water.

2 – Treat algae growth immediately. If algae starts to grow in the tray of the water feature, it needs to be treated before it can build up. Normal household bleach is a very effective way to treat an indoor water feature for algae. Simply add 1-2 drops of bleach twice a month to the water in the tray. This small amount will not bleach out the stone water surface or be strong enough to leave a chlorine bleach scent, but is enough to prevent algae growth.

3 – Clean the tray and water surface every 3-4 months. If distilled water is not being use, the wall water fountain may need to be cleaned more frequently.

4 – Clean the water surface. If the water surface is mirror or glass, a standard glass cleaner can be used. If there are mineral deposits on the glass/mirror we have found that a 50/50 mixture of glass cleaner and vinegar cleans well. Be sure to rinse the cleaner off the glass/mirror when you are finished. Logos should not be cleaned with the Windex/vinegar solution. The glass prep solution will need to be reapplied to the glass/mirror to create surface tension and allow the water to run smoothly again.

If the wall waterfall contains slate, marble, or FeatherStone, the stone surface can be cleaned with a stiff nylon brush. Do not use the brush on logos, it can remove the paint. If there is a lot of mineral build up, a product like CLR may be used to aid in cleaning. Be sure the cleaning product is thoroughly rinsed off the stone.

5 – Clean the tray. Clean the tray after the water surface is cleaned. This will help remove any cleaning solutions that may have been rinsed into the tray. The water will need to be removed first. This can be done with a shop vacuum or just by using a cup and a bucket. Once most of the water is emptied, the tray can be lifted off the wall and the remaining water poured outside or in a sink. Thoroughly wipe out the tray with a clean cloth. If it is necessary to use a cleaner, be sure it is rinsed well.

6 – Clean the hood and tray. Wipe down the hood and tray with a damp cloth. No abrasive cleaners should be used on the metal finish to avoid scratching it.

7 – Reassemble the tray and fill with distilled water.

Following these simple steps will help keep a water feature running smoothly and let its beauty shine for years to come. 

The following video will show you how to clean your water feature.