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Pink noise can help you relax better than white noise

Serene Waters Wall FountainMost people have heard of white noise, but may not know there is a whole spectrum of noises described by different colors. Each color has a different range of frequencies that stimulate different emotions. According to mediacollege.com, they range from black noise, which most commonly refers to silence with occasional spikes, to purple noise, which contains more energy as the frequency increases, to white noise, which contains and equal amount of energy in all frequency bands.

The term “white noise” has been used to describe any sound that is constant and blocks out other noises. Multiple studies are now finding there are a wide range of sounds that can be classified separately and seem to have different benefits. An article published in January 2015 by www.soundhawk.com discusses these findings. By better understanding how our bodies react to different sounds, we can find ways to improve relaxation and boost our health.

White noise sounds similar to static from a radio or television. This sound uses the entire sound spectrum. Since human ears can only process a set number of frequencies at once, the white noise in essence uses all of the hearing power, making other noises fade into the background. Some people find the static noise to be irritating due to the harsh or tinny sounds it contains.

Pink noise is the next most common sound. It still uses all the frequencies, but focuses more on the lower ones.  This makes the sound more subdued and fuller. It still blocks out background noises while creating a more relaxing atmosphere for those who hear it. This sound can be compared to heavy rain, rushing water, or strong wind through leaves.

An indoor water feature is one of the best ways to bring pink noise into your home or office. Businesses are now using water features to help their clients relax. Places such as doctor’s offices, lawyer’s offices, spas, massage parlors, nail salons, and corporate offices are incorporating the pink noise of an indoor water fountain to bring tranquility to their clients.

Many homes are now adding wall water features as well. The soothing sounds are not only good to help unwind after a busy day, but are soothing to babies and young children. They can help alleviate headaches and improve focus which makes a house run more smoothly. The pink noise running water creates gives an inviting atmosphere which welcomes guests and encourages them to want to return.