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Cascade Springs Now in Marble

When we started selling wall water fountains in 2001, the only water surface options were three colors of natural slate. We have slowly expanded our line to include not only wall water features, but freestanding water features as well.  With this expansion have come more customer options to personalize water features and match individual styles and preferences.

In 2008 the water surface options had just expanded to include Rainforest Green Marble, Rainforest Brown Marble, and Black Spider Marble, in the Inspiration Falls and Sunrise Springs lines. The marble was so popular, the freestanding water fountain lines expanded to include all three marble options in 2010.

In 2013, Magnifico Travertine was added to the product options in only the larger Inspiration Falls and Sunrise Springs models. After the success of these additions, and the requests for marble in the smaller water feature lines, Rainforest Brown Marble, Rainforest Green Marble, and Black Spider Marble have all recently been added to the Cascade Spring sized water features.

The Cascade Springs water feature is a little smaller than the Inspiration Falls and has a single panel that measures 25” W x  54” H x 6” D. The Aspen Falls water feature uses the same sized stones as the Cascade Springs, but includes two stones rather than just one. This waterfall measures 50”w x 54” h x 6” d and is also now available in marble. There is a three panel wall water fountain which includes this new marble as well, the Olympus Falls. This water feature measures 75” w x 54” h x 6”d.

The beauty of the new marble is inspiring and elegant. Each stone is all natural and thus unique in coloration and texture. With the stone selection option offered by Water Features Inc, the customer is able to see pictures of different marble stones and choose the exact one they want to have shipped with their order. This gives an even more personal touch to the fountain. The popularity of marble is growing and with the addition of marble to the Cascade Springs line, more customers will be able to enjoy the natural sounds of a water feature in the style and color of their choice.

Cascade Springs water fountain with Rainforest Green  Marble