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Custom Water Feature Quotes

Selecting the right water feature for the perfect wall in a business or home is a very important decision.  We have many standard indoor water fountains to choose from that vary in size and material type. These include horizontal and vertical wall mounted water fountains, as well as freestanding water walls. Even with the large selection of standard options, occasionally an area would look best with a custom size or style.

Our new custom quote page makes it easy to request a quote for just what you want. There are examples of different custom water features to help inspire designers and show a few ideas of what is possible. After reviewing the many options and deciding what the perfect water feature for the space would be, it is now easy to move forward with a quote right on the website.

The new page allows you to add your dimensions, materials, finishes, lighting, and any other requirements or limitations you may have. There are several other options available as well, including electric auto-fill, gravity safety drain, sump style safety drain, remote control on/off, logo, and a stone selection.

We are able to work with any size area, both freestanding and wall mounted. You can select from the available stones, or purchase and ship custom tiles or stones to have included in the water feature. Custom artwork can be included as well. This can be etched into glass, or sandblasted and painted on any water surface.

Indoor water features make an unforgettable statement and bring a calming and peaceful atmosphere to any room.  If a standard water feature doesn’t fill the needs or requirements of an area, it is now very easy to get a quote for a custom one.


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