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Personalize Your Water Fountain with a Logo

Including the soothing sounds of a water fountain to a home, office, church, or other area is a great way to help those around relax and find peace during a busy day. Now it is possible to not only enjoy the tranquility a water feature provides, but use it as a statement to all those who see it. The sound of the running water will attract the attention of everyone in the room, and the logo, scripture, statement, or family crest on the water surface will make a lasting impression.

By adding a business logo to a water feature, the name and image of the business stays in the minds of those who see it. “Coming up with ways to help potential customers remember your name is an invaluable tool for increasing sales” said Justin Combs, General Manager of Adagio Water Features. A colored logo engraved on a water wall is a great way to help customers remember a business name and adds a touch of class to any office.

Many churches are now adding the soothing sounds of a water feature to prayer rooms or other peaceful locations. Including a scripture, cross, or other picture to the water surface increases the peaceful and sacred feeling in the room. Several churches are now using indoor waterfalls and an ideal way to leave a lasting impression on worshipers and visitors.

Most families have a family crest or name that is passed down from generation to generation. One can be proud of a family crest by displaying it on an indoor water fountain. Some families have begun dedicating their water features to a loved one who may have passed on. Adding a quote, line-drawn picture, or other favorite memory of this family member to a water fountain brings joy to those who see it and keeps their memory alive.

With the new ability to add logos to any wall mounted or freestanding water feature surface, the options are endless. With slate, marble, travertine, and FeatherStone waterfalls, the logo is first sandblasted into the stone, and then painted with high quality acrylic paint. Mirror water surfaces are done on the back of the mirror for easy cleaning. Both mirror and glass also have the option of simply etching your logo or statement into the glass for an elegant look.

Adding a custom water feature with a logo or other artwork to a home or office is a great new way to increase sales, add reverence, or personalize your space. 


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