Personalize Your Water Feature


OPTIONAL Personalization:


Custom Logo

Company Logos can add a sense of "signage with style" to any water feature. 

This option is a great addition to a water feature being installed in a dental or medical office, accounting or law firm, restaurant or real estate office, and even family crests or names for use in home environments.

All of the water features manufactured by Adagio Water Features can have logos added.

Check out some examples Here 


LED Colored Lights

You can add LED colored lights to your fountain. These lights come with a remote control and are programmable to stay at one color or change to the colors you set. You can chose to have them fade, strobe, flash or transition smoothly.

Check them out Here


Stone Selection

Chose the exact stone that will be included with your order. Pictures are available of different stones in the color of your choice for you to choose from. When you make a selection, we then pack that stone with your order.


Polished Pebbles

You can choose to have the standard Multi-Colored river rocks replaced with Black, White, or Striped pebbles for your fountain. Pricing varies by the size of the fountain.

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Custom options

ADAGIO Water Features now has a division of the company that can create custom water features to your specifications. 

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