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Donna King's Cascade Springs

 Thank you to Donna King for sending us this picture of her Cascade Springs water fountian. It features round stainless steel trim and natural multi-color slate. I love the animals below.      

Olympus Falls Decorating Idea

This is our new Olympus Falls water feature, a smaller version of the Deep Creek Falls. It looks stunning in this music room. This one features round rustic copper trim and natural multi-color slate. To have your fountain featured, please email your picture to    

Freestanding Fountain Instructional Video

We just completed our Freestanding Water Feature Installation Instructional Video! Watch it here or on YouTube with this link.    

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Grandeur River Water Fountains Make a Grand Impression

These beautiful stainless steel and clear glass Grandeur River water fountains impress all who see them. They are installed on a roof to help clients relax at their hotel.     

Beautiful Outdoor Inspiration Falls Water Fountain Location

   This homeowner has the perfect patio to sit and relax. They added additional trays to create planter boxes that match their Inspiration Falls water fountain. This water fountain features round rustic copper trim and multi-color slate.   

Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain

   This Sunrise Springs Wall water fountain is a great addition to this business waiting room. The map etched and painted on the stone emphisizes the companies dedication to world wide service. Have your own personal logo or picture added to a water feature today. 

Inspiration Falls Water Feature

Photo of the week!  This Inspiration Falls water fountain with round rustic copper trim and rainforest brown marble looks great on this wall.    If you would like to see your fountain featured on our blog, plese email it to!    

Adagio now has indoor and outdoor Water Features!

Adagio now has indoor and outdoor Water Features! Enjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of a water feature in your back yard.  Our new freestanding water fountain line can be used indoors and outdoors.  Check out our press release for more information. These fountains come in three sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your space. The Harmony River is 31” wide and 70” tall.  You can choose from glass, mirror, FeatherStone slate or marble, along with Stainless Steel, Antiqued Bronze, Rustic Copper or Blackened Copper finish. The middle size fountain is the Tranquil River. It is 41” wide and...

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