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Popular Ways to Use Freestanding Water Fountains

The popularity of an indoor water feature is growing. They are not only being used in large businesses, but in homes and smaller offices as well. One of the new ways to incorporate an indoor water fountain is to use it as a room divider instead of building a solid wall. Freestanding water features are able to separate areas within a large room without causing visitors to feel blocked in. One of the new ways these water walls are being used is in restaurants. Many restaurants would like to separate the area where those who are waiting to be seated...

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Custom Water Feature Quotes

Selecting the right water feature for the perfect wall in a business or home is a very important decision.  We have many standard indoor water fountains to choose from that vary in size and material type. These include horizontal and vertical wall mounted water fountains, as well as freestanding water walls. Even with the large selection of standard options, occasionally an area would look best with a custom size or style. Our new custom quote page makes it easy to request a quote for just what you want. There are examples of different custom water features to help inspire designers and show...

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Personalize Your Water Fountain with a Logo

Including the soothing sounds of a water fountain to a home, office, church, or other area is a great way to help those around relax and find peace during a busy day. Now it is possible to not only enjoy the tranquility a water feature provides, but use it as a statement to all those who see it. The sound of the running water will attract the attention of everyone in the room, and the logo, scripture, statement, or family crest on the water surface will make a lasting impression. By adding a business logo to a water feature, the name and...

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Cottonwood Falls Water Fountain in an Office

  This is a two panel Cottonwood Falls with Brown Marble and Blackened Copper trim.It has been place in an office to promote relaxation to those who can hear it. Help your customers feel at home with a water feature in your office today.      

Sunrise Springs Water Fountain

 The Sunrise Springs Water Fountain looks great when placed over a table as this one is. The round stainless steel trim and gree FeatherStone featured in this picture are only one of the many options you can chose from.       

Stunning Inspiration Falls Water Fountain

     This Inspration Falls Water Fountain looks great with the two floor plants setting it off. The squre rustic copper trim and rainforest brown marble match the room colors perfectly. 

Cascade Springs Wall Water Fountain

   This Cascade Springs water fountain is one of our first ones made. It features square rustic copper trim with mutli-color slate and a copper splash gaurd. I love the location by the windows!

Black Spider Marble Water Fountain

   This homeowner built a beautiful cabinet around his Inspiration Falls water fountain. The tray and hood are fully hidden inside with only the black spider marble showing. 

Inspiration Falls Water Fountain in a Massage Parlor

Help your clients relax while they enjoy their massage to the soothing sounds of a water fountain. This Inspiration Falls water feature is perfect for bringing tranquility to all those who hear it. This picture features a round rustic copper tirm and natural multi-color slate water fountain.  

Cascade Springs Decorating Idea

I love how this Cascade Springs water fountain is set off byt he two pillars next to it. It sits atop a set of stairs and helps bring peace to those who hear it. This one features square woodland brown trim and natural green slate.  

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