Adagio now has indoor and outdoor Water Features!

Adagio now has indoor and outdoor Water Features!

Enjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of a water feature in your back yard.  Our new freestanding water fountain line can be used indoors and outdoors.  Check out our press release for more information.

These fountains come in three sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your space. The Harmony River is 31” wide and 70” tall.  You can choose from glass, mirror, FeatherStone slate or marble, along with Stainless Steel, Antiqued Bronze, Rustic Copper or Blackened Copper finish.

The middle size fountain is the Tranquil River. It is 41” wide and 90” tall. This fountain has all of the same options as the Harmony River.

Our largest freestanding water fall is the Grandeur River. It is an impressive 60” wide and 96” high. Due to its size, this fountain is only available in glass.

Watch our video of these features in action!

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