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Top Adagio Water Features of 2015

Adagio Water Features, the leader in Natural Stone wall mounted water features, announces their 3 most popular features of 2015. Adagio offers 22 different waters features, 8 different metal trim finishes and 14 water surfaces in various colors along with surface materials. All features have the Stone Selection option, allowing customers to select the exact stone used in the fountain. These features are considered semi-customizable making them an Interior Designer’s dream. #1 - Serene Waters Wall Fountain. The Serene is the most popular feature 2 years in a row. It is Adagio’s smallest indoor water feature measuring at 21” wide...

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Pink noise can help you relax better than white noise

Most people have heard of white noise, but may not know there is a whole spectrum of noises described by different colors. Each color has a different range of frequencies that stimulate different emotions. According to mediacollege.com, they range from black noise, which most commonly refers to silence with occasional spikes, to purple noise, which contains more energy as the frequency increases, to white noise, which contains and equal amount of energy in all frequency bands. The term “white noise” has been used to describe any sound that is constant and blocks out other noises. Multiple studies are now finding...

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Cascade Springs Now in Marble

When we started selling wall water fountains in 2001, the only water surface options were three colors of natural slate. We have slowly expanded our line to include not only wall water features, but freestanding water features as well.  With this expansion have come more customer options to personalize water features and match individual styles and preferences. In 2008 the water surface options had just expanded to include Rainforest Green Marble, Rainforest Brown Marble, and Black Spider Marble, in the Inspiration Falls and Sunrise Springs lines. The marble was so popular, the freestanding water fountain lines expanded to include all three marble options...

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