Freestanding Fountains

Floor Water Features are growing in Popularity

Adagio reports a dramatic 78% increase in free standing water feature sales from 3rd quarter in 2014 to 3rd quarter 2015. As indoor water features increase in popularity, many people are looking for ways to add the tranquility they bring without the restrictions of hanging them on a wall. A freestanding water fountain is the perfect solution. These floor water fountains can be moved from one location to another without leaving any sign at the previous location. It is easy to rearrange a room with a freestanding water fountain. All freestanding water features by Adagio are self-contained. There is no...

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Popular Ways to Use Freestanding Water Fountains

The popularity of an indoor water feature is growing. They are not only being used in large businesses, but in homes and smaller offices as well. One of the new ways to incorporate an indoor water fountain is to use it as a room divider instead of building a solid wall. Freestanding water features are able to separate areas within a large room without causing visitors to feel blocked in. One of the new ways these water walls are being used is in restaurants. Many restaurants would like to separate the area where those who are waiting to be seated...

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Adagio now has indoor and outdoor Water Features!

Adagio now has indoor and outdoor Water Features! Enjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of a water feature in your back yard.  Our new freestanding water fountain line can be used indoors and outdoors.  Check out our press release for more information. These fountains come in three sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your space. The Harmony River is 31” wide and 70” tall.  You can choose from glass, mirror, FeatherStone slate or marble, along with Stainless Steel, Antiqued Bronze, Rustic Copper or Blackened Copper finish. The middle size fountain is the Tranquil River. It is 41” wide and...

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