About Adagio Water Features



Adagio Water Features began in 2001 with the quest to produce the highest quality water features available. Adagio blends the beauty of natural slates and rainforest marbles trimmed in premium metals, with the gentle flow and sounds of rushing water and soft halogen lighting in bringing tranquility to life.


We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of our products are hand crafted on site and shipped straight to you with no in-between man. The following list gives a few reasons to have peace of mind when buying from Adagio Water Features. 

Made in the USA

Quick shipments on almost all models

High attention to product quality and detail

Fast turn-around on all service issues

Great variety of water surface & metal options

One year limited warranty

 Our highly trained staff of service representatives are prepared to handle all aspects of your transaction before and after the sale. We pledge to give every customer our personal and professional attention.